The Power of Your Voice

Working for yourself is part of the “The American Dream” isn’t it? The physical and financial freedom we imagine having is definitely the No. 1 “shiny object” that bedazzles most, if not all, aspiring entrepreneurs.

Why is this? I have come to learn, that the “spell” cast on or over us is far more alluring and romantic than a joy stealing day job. The job where you clock in, every day, so you can pay your bills while helping to build someone else’s dreams.

Wherever you find yourself today, I invite you to reflect on the richness of your experiences ...

Quantum Awakening…

I have always loved all things enchanted and was very much like Belle from Beauty and The Beast growing up. I loved books and creating. Writing stories, poetry, I felt as if I could do it forever. Its no wonder that as an adult my career moved into a variety of writing genres.

The image you see was inspired by my love of painting with a very limited palette of cool colors and just deep diving into core memories from places I must have visited. When the name “Quantum Awakening” came to me, know that titles of my paintings are usually a family affair.

Turning Off The Inner Critic!

Let’s start this journey with some housekeeping! The first order of business is “turning off the chatter of your inner critic”. Yes, you have one, I have one, we all have one. We can deny it until the moon turns blue. It’s a simple truth, that once accepted, it is very empowering.

To overthrow the inner critic’s hold on your thoughts, your inner voice must be louder and larger than your...

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