Working for yourself is part of the “The American Dream” isn’t it?

The physical and financial freedom we imagine having is definitely the No. 1 “shiny object” that bedazzles most, if not all, aspiring entrepreneurs.

Why is this? I have come to learn, that the “spell” cast on or over us is far more alluring and romantic than a joy stealing day job. The job where you clock in, every day, so you can pay your bills while helping to build someone else’s dreams.

Wherever you find yourself today, I invite you to reflect on the richness of your experiences.

Do not underestimate the value they have had on your inner wisdom. There is a sweetness about our experiences that we tend to overlook. We must sift through what we once viewed as "ordinary" and look at it through the lens of the “extraordinary”. To the YOU, yes YOU, reading this book.

Have you have fallen in love with the idea of being an entrepreneur? If so, some rewiring of how you think has already taken place.

You get intuitive nudges that spark you in ways that haunt you…until you listen. These nudges used to keep me up at night. Until, they didn't.

Once upon a time, my original ideas resided at the crossroads of where I was, and where I wanted to be.

There came a day, where I could no longer sit at the edge of my dreams and watch my beloved die a slow death. The “beloved" I speak of here are my original ideas and passion to help others.

These ideas were the ones that I not only fell in love with many years ago. They were the ones that lit me up from the inside out!

Some mentors "advised" me that a mix of my ideas would not work and that I had to pick only one!

This is the part of the my big ‘why’ for writing “Rediscover Your Magic: How to Energetically Align Your Path and Calling.”

For all the times I listened to this so- called advice.

For all the times I stopped believing in myself for even a nano second.

No matter which moment I was in, I questioned everything.

There was nothing magical in this space of being.

The heaviness of my day job in Law seemed to be louder than my inner voice at times. I wondered if my magic had eluded me somehow. Derailed, for a moment? Nope! In reality, it was many months. This is why I am super compelled to share this story. It's not mine to withhold.

You see, a celebration was in order! I advocated for myself, with myself. I learned how to silence both the internal and external chatter. The noise and the naysayers. Goodbye!

Why would I settle for a second-hand version of the life I had fallen in love with, when I was born for greatness! You were too.

My name is Lily Nicholson. I am the founder of The Pathfinder Code® Powered by Intuition and Creativity. I am an Intuitive Life & Success Coach and published Author.

I help entrepreneurs find their voice, their next right path and bring their ideas to life. I also offer author trainings that give them the tools they need to stop procrastinating and get on with the business of “bringing their first book to life”!

What could be more magical than this while building your own dream?

I am also that woman who fell in love with the vision of what I will coin as my “new now” with open arms. My new now had danced in my head for many years.

Until, I accepted my own invitation to embrace my beloved. Yes, that beloved is me and the original ideas that I birthed. You too, have your own beloved. Do you see her? How long has it been since you looked into her eyes and the depths of her soul?

Yes, I ask lots of questions! Stay with me…I promise it will be worth it!

For decades I worked at law firms in a corporate environment. Yes, there it is, the joy-stealing day job. Was this the alleged demise of my magic! Not exactly! You see, I am grateful for this job as it supported my vision and mission. Yes, it pays the bills.

How did I get here? Glad you asked. There was a time when this lit me up. I am not one to do things that do not interest me.

In my early legal career, much of my day, included writing, both persuasive and creative. These opportunities that used to spark my passion for justice and equality, disappeared. So did my interest. As I write this, I have a firm exit date planned. It's on my calendar. Events on my calendar happen, that is why they are placed there! It is this exit plan and this vision, that fuels my desire to continue to embrace my "beloved."

I am also a self-taught visual artist with a creative business that I love; the polar opposite of my career in law.

One thing I know for sure…my artistry and the call to create and help others has kept my sanity on multidimensional levels.

It was through a self-discovery process that I identified three core values. These values have formed the foundation of my vision and mission in The Pathfinder Code®.

  • Creating- Honoring my original ideas and imagination.
  • Investigating- Listening to what my intuition is signaling me to do, or not do, and what I allow to influence me.
  • Speaking up- Using my voice to articulate on my own behalf and own my personal power.

*Note: You have core values too! Stick around and you will get to know yourself a whole lot better!


I have learned to better understand myself and become more self-aware through my own processes.

This has been part of the magic that evolved in my “do it herself” energetic toolkit while building my intuitive empire to empower other female entrepreneurs.

Yes, there are many things I do myself, but, know this, even the best of the best, need a coach to level up.

I hired not one, but several to assist me in this adventure! This was one of the most life-changing decisions I ever made.

Knowing my core values has helped me to "align” my insight with my actions. This alignment is different for everyone. My experience over time, developed into a rhythm. The ebb and flow of this rhythm was conveyed to me in a language that I learned to understand and it soon became my North Star. Especially, on those days where I questioned my magic. That language was my intuition and creativity.

I am a visionary, a dreamer and a lover of the planet and its people.

I know I am this and so much more. So are YOU!

I thrive on the mystery and the perceived magnificence that awaits me on the other side of my ideas. The lure of this somewhat elusive intangible. I see it as the "not yet done" or the "undone".

This notion of "undone" is twofold. It will either motivate or trigger "frustration". Did you know, that frustration has its positive attributes? While the underlying emotions don't feel good, they force us to find the tools we need to thrive. This is a common story line among the women I have coached.

Despite the frustration, these women, were in love with the notion of living life on their own terms. The vision and alignment to their “new now” was far too fulfilling in their mind's eye to quit.

“Alignment” is the sweet spot where your thoughts and words intersect. It’s the magical portal where the "doing” of the bold action is a catalyst for transformation, the ultimate reward!

In business, “alignment” calls on us to present our expert knowledge to our ideal clients. Please know that this book is not about linear thinking, in fact, it’s quite the opposite!

It’s more about “energetic alignment” with the path you find yourself on now. Then investigating the path and co-creating improvements along the way.

As a self-taught visual artist, I would never settle to color inside the lines that anyone draws. Ever. I came here to be me. You, came here to be YOU.

The idea of Rediscover Your Magic was born out of my desire to be able to read my own internal compass and guide myself through my biggest questions and decisions.

The practices I share in this book are from my life experience, my creative and coaching businesses and learning how to connect with what I really wanted. All of these practices have worked for myself, my clients and can work for you too!

My goal as an Intuitive Life and Success Coach is to teach others the game-changing techniques for busting through energetic, emotional and creative blocks and help them nurture and bring their original ideas to life.

If you are ready to bust through the myth that you were somehow talked out of your magic, then you may want to pick up my book to get a nudge of the creative cures I help all of my clients with in my private coaching practice.

Drawing on the visual discovery techniques, mindfulness practices and self-love, Rediscover Your Magic helps you unblock your intuition and creativity and lets your true gifts and talents shine through! See you on the other side of building your own dreams!

Part of my magic is helping people get clarity on theirs. (Have I said the word Magic enough today?)

If you are tired of being talked out of your magic, and wasting time trying to figure it out on your own, tired of not making money doing what you love, and tired of being confused by what you should be doing, then there are a few things you can do right here, right now.

*Email me and let’s start the conversation that will be the catalyst to change what is not working for you ASAP!

My Heart to Yours,

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Rediscover Your Magic

How To Energetically Align Your Path And Calling To Bring Your Ideas To Life


This thought-provoking question was the basis from which“Rediscover Your Magic, How to Energetically Align Your Path and Calling to Bring Your Ideas to Life” was created.

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