I have always loved all things enchanted and was very much like Belle from Beauty and The Beast growing up. I loved books and creating. Writing stories, poetry, I felt as if I could do it forever. Its no wonder that as an adult my career moved into a variety of writing genres.

The image you see was inspired by my love of painting with a very limited palette of cool colors and just deep diving into core memories from places I must have visited.

When the name “Quantum Awakening” came to me, actually titles of my paintings are usually a family affair. Sometimes I know the titles – they come to me while painting and other times, I ask family to help me finish telling the story by sharing what they see.

They all said the same thing that the image reflected that something profound was taking place. A rite of passage, an awakening, a portal, a breakthrough.

To me I just saw it as a magical realm where the beautiful beings that came to life on my canvas where on a journey. Actually, we all are, at every moment.

While painting this I was thinking of the Northern Lights. So I did a bit of research and was delighted to find this story:

Inspired by Greek mythology, Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn, flew across the sky each day to invoke the arrival of the sun. Travelling in and out of the physical world into other realms she summoned

light to realms saturated in darkness due to the struggle between the spirit and physical worlds. Aurora’s affinity was with both worlds, she could not choose. It was this love that caused a transformation between worlds and before the sun could make its way out...she summoned the spirits of the Northern Lights, shifting the veil, between worlds, bringing forth the Oneness. And so it was, that the Northern Lights began their eternal dance, and to this day, they bring light to the darkest parts of the world constantly shifting to bring about change, oneness and universal peace.

I was over the moon to read this, this gave me the answer, at least for that moment, that it was Aurora walking toward the portal and being at the crossroad of having to choose that was the catalyst for the Oneness to be brought forth lifting the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Sigh…do you love this as much as I do?

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