Intuitive Art Reading

Are you feeling stuck or blocked...?

Do you ever feel "off" and do not know why...?

Have you ever felt a disconnect between what you say you want and what actually shows up instead...?

If you’re looking for a way to get unstuck so that you can move forward and

get results, then an intuitive reading will be the perfect tool for you!

​In the reading, we will shine a light on hidden blocks, to decode them, so you can align with your purpose, your vision and start calling more of what you really want into your life and business.

You will gain soulful clarity on:

  • Your Purpose: How you can utilize all of your unique gifts and talents in your life and business!

  • Your Business Vision: How to create a powerhouse plan overcoming what's holding you back!

  • Your Dream Clients: How knowing yourself intimately is essential to calling them into your business!

Here’s what’s included with your Pathfinder Code® Intuitive Reading:

  • #1 Intuitive Art Reading of the art you created.... (value $197)

  • #2 Written Narrative of your Energetic Signature Blueprint that evolved and presented the messages that came through to me, for you.... (value $297)

  • #3 Intuitive Art Kit mailed to you (USA SHIPPING ONLY) including palette, brush, 4 art papers to paint on and a are frame for your work.... (value $67)

  • #4 Training Video non public released “Blow Your Mind”... (value $97)

Total Value Over $658

For A Limited Time Save $461!

Below are some frequently asked questions about how Pathfinder Code Intuitive Readings work:

What is an intuitive reading?

The "intuitive reading" is a transformative process and has helped my clients get unstuck and start the process of moving forward very quickly because of the deep connection created during our time together. The creation of art is intuitive, it is also an "energy signature" and "blueprint" of your awareness (who you are, how you feel, process emotions and situations) that can be interpreted through a "reading" to help you uncover and release hidden blocks that are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

How will I benefit from an intuitive reading?

Some people have greater difficulty getting unstuck, moving forward and releasing blocks. They have deep-rooted hidden blocks that have held them captive for years. How could they move forward when they do not know what is blocking them?

What they do know is that they feel "off" at times and unable to pinpoint the cause.

The Intuitive Reading is an "alternative personal growth process" that I share to help others break through stubborn blocks and forge a new “pathway”. This pathway is unique and meant just for them, so they can then express and uncover what words cannot convey.

What will it feel like after I have an intuitive reading?

While this is unique to every person, you may find yourself feeling more focused, energetic, joyful and purposeful. Clients have shared with me that over time, the words, images, people and memories that used to trigger them, no longer had an emotional charge. The art you create is your “map” to your new path.

I see you’re sending me an art kit…do I have to be “creative” in order to participate in or benefit from this type of intuitive reading?

All you need is to be open and curious to get the most of your reading!

​Are you going to show me how to do the “art” project during my reading?

You will receive an instructional video when you purchase your session. You will then do the exercise, on your own, then email me a picture of your art in advance of our session. I will then review your picture on our call together and give you the guidance you need based on what I see in the picture.

Why do I have to create art for this reading?

The creation of art is an energetic blueprint and signature that can be interpreted through an intuitive reading.

How often should I be getting intuitive readings like this?

This is unique to your individual needs and the support system you have in place. My clients know I am available to assist them and can schedule a session anytime. After your first reading with me give yourself some time to process what we uncovered, and see, if, over time, questions evolve.

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